The logo for the original Splatoon game from 2015. AGENT 3 from Splatoon base game, with their signature hero mode outfit. Holding a Splattershot and smiling. Two inklings battling it out. They are the original blue male inkling and orange female inkling. The poses are from the cover art of the Splatoon base game. A male inkling, purple, hair in a bun, with neon yellow paint splattered on his face and glasses. He holds a Splatling ready to fire.

The beginning.

Logo for the second Splatoon game from 2017. Male AGENT 8 from Splatoon 2's 'Octo Expansion' DLC. He wields an Octobrush and is kneeling down, looking at the viewer. Female AGENT 8 from the 'Octo Expansion' Splatoon 2 DLC. She wields an E-Liter sniper rifle and is kneeling down to look at the viewer. Female inkling, green colored, with a Winter bobble hat over twin tentacle hair. She holds a sniper rifle and is looking down the scope, with the beginnings of a shot sputtering out of the barrel.
Logo for the third Splatoon game, released in 2022. A blue inkling in squid form, swimming to the top right. A pink inkling in squid form, swimming to the mid left direction.